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“I believe that the reason that it’s difficult for the gay community to be integrated into the society at large, the way they should be, is because there are no champions for them in Congress or in the White House. And that is the way every group of people has basically been integrated into the society. That’s the way it works. Instead, you have people like Rick Santorum, a senator from Pennsylvania, who says things, that he should think… and shut his fucking mouth. You can go ahead and think it, that’s fine, but you don’t say aloud that homosexuality is a threat to the American family. Because that’s prejudice. That’s complete and utter prejudice and ignorance on a level that is staggering at this point in time.”

Lewis Black

(Source: ohvegeta)

Why I’d Rather Live in Hyrule: Part I

I wish earning money was as easy as it is in The Legend of Zelda. I would smash every bush on the planet (chasing after the ones that ran away, of course) and then I’d put all the money I earned in the bank with the crazy guy in the turban…

… No, on second thought I’d just find a bigger wallet. Seriously, though, if it were really as easy as walking into people’s houses and opening the nearest chest I wouldn’t have to worry about having a crappy paycheck like the one I’m about to get. -___- grrrr


So, I was at work yesterday and a number of interesting things happened. For one, at least two people (that I know of) left work crying… Weird. Second, a woman who was apparently “fired” (she called a customer a cracker which, in my opinion, is a compliment as crackers are delicious) showed up to work. Third, I felt terribly sick for most of the day (which seems to be becoming a never ending ritual with me because it has literally been EVERY day for a long time. It’s like morning sickness only it lasts a lot longer and I’m not pregnant. :P

Also, it’s hot. Or, at least, it will be. On the bright side, I’ll be inside for most of the day. On the down side, I’m tired and my feet hurt like hell and if I could stay home from work and still get paid I would remain firmly planted in the center of the bed watching DIY network aaaaaaall day. I like option 2 better.


I hate work. Doesn’t everyone? I’m just really bothered by the fact that people seem to think I shouldn’t be so upset with having a problem with the people I’m working with. Customers can’t be helped. Most of them are fine, but every so often you get one with an attitude for no reason and there’s really nothing you can do about it except suck it up and say “Have a nice day”. Employees, on the other hand, are people I see every time I go there. People I have to interact with regularly and irritatingly often take commands from. Needless to say that it is imperative that I have a good relationship with my coworkers, so why is it that I can’t even seem to do that? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that people seem to want to gossip and talk about one another more than they actually work. I get that there are times when we really don’t want to work (for some people more than others) because I’ve had those moments to. But is it really as simple as saying so and then following a manager around for the rest of the day? If every job worked that way I feel like they’d be a lot easier to get into and I wouldn’t be working where I am right now. How is it that one security guard can be completely lax, wander around the store on his phone, talk about how attractive one of the workers is, and not get in trouble? How is it that just about every person working in that store has their cell phone on them at all times, and at least 50% of the time is using it- like the woman who came to work the self checkout who was TALKING ON THE PHONE WHILE SHE DID IT. Not texting. Talking. Seriously? How is it that certain employees come to work high, yell across the store, or simply take the time out of their shifts to sit around and talk about everyone they see? AND I GET YELLED AT FOR “NOT PAYING ATTENTION”. Are you KIDDING ME???? This is way working retail has such a bad rep. Not all places are this bad, but most of them are. Some are probably worse. So, of course, the customers are going to treat us like complete neanderthals and talk down to us. So thanks, everyone, for backing up that statement and making my life a living hell. You fucking SUCK.

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